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Puzzle Pod™ Designed to Eliminate Clutter
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ThePuzzlePod_PuzzleCombo_HRPuzzle Pod™ Designed to Eliminate Clutter

A mother tired of picking up puzzle pieces recently invented The Puzzle Pod™—a simple envelope-based storage solution for life’s little piles.

Activities like puzzles, coloring books, crayons, and board games have lots of little pieces that fall on the floor, roll under the couch, and disappear. Lauren invented The Puzzle Pod, a simple, transparent, and affordable, solution. It adheres to the back of a puzzle, game board, or any toy packaging. Traveling children can now neatly play with dozens of pieces and when they’re through playing everything goes back in the Pod which easily closes tight with patent-pending cleverly placed Velcro tabs.

The secret to the Puzzle Pod is the aggressive adhesive backing. Unpeel the Puzzle Pod backing and stick to a hard surface—a cardboard box, a thick puzzle board, or a coloring book. Designed for use by ages 2 and up.

A set of four Puzzle Pods carries a suggested retail price of $14.95. Sold as a set of four pods, these holders are made of sturdy vinyl that won’t tear and come with pleated corners to adjust to thick crayons, bulky puzzle pieces, dice, tiles or whatever the kids can snuggly fit inside. Ideal for grownup projects too.

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