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Baby Butz cream born out of necessity
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Baby Butz cream born

out of necessity






















When Majda Ficko of Olen Cosmetics says she created Baby Butz cream out of necessity, she means it. Her son was born with a disability that requires he wear diapers 24 hours a day. He suffered from painful diaper rashes relieved only by a hospital formulation.


“In the seven years I have been using my cream on my son, he has never had diaper rash,” says Ficko. She says Baby Butz Cream is safer and more effective than commercial brands.


Working in conjunction with a Consulting Research Chemist, she modified the formulation used in the hospital ensuring that all ingredients were natural. The formulation was submitted to Health Canada has since been provided with a Natural Health Product Number (NPN).


Baby Butz is the only diaper cream that is licensed as a Natural Health Product in Canada. It contains no perfume, alcohol, or chemicals. It contains zinc oxide, lanolin, petrolatum, and starch. The thick, cream consistency protects the skin from diaper rash and heals the skin.


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